Max with dogRecognizing that animals have emotions is important because animal feelings matter. Animals are sentient beings who experience the ups and downs of daily life, and we must respect this when we interact with them.’

Marc Bekoff, The Emotional Lives of Animals.

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!

One to One (121) Personal Coaching

Personal 121 coaching sessions provide you with the ultimate benefit in that you and your dog get my undivided attention throughout the entire session. These private 121 training sessions are designed to suit your individual needs and to refine and advance your understanding, communication and handling skills. The skills you learn will serve you for life and will guide you in becoming better dog parents. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. Coaching sessions usually dwell on topics such as recall, lead work, focus work, obedience and cooperation. They can be arranged at this location or if required by travelling to you. Transform your relationship and your dog’s behaviour with personalised 121 coaching.
One to One Dog Training with Maxwell Muir

Option 1: This 1 hour 30 minute session is usually followed after a discussion through telephone or email on what you would like to cover in the session. That means we get as much training time as possible from the start. It also includes your dog’s trainability assessment, and a forward planning discussion. Cost £65.00

Option 2: The benefits of block sessions allow me to monitor your progress and to keep the momentum going as you build good, strong habits with your training. They also give you the time to work with what we have learned between sessions and allow me to observe and adjust any troubleshooting.
3 x block sessions plus telephone coaching/support – total cost £170.00 (total saving £25.00)

Option 3: 5 x block sessions plus telephone coaching/support – Cost £285.00 (total savings £40.00) Sessions must be taken within an 8 week period.

***Travel expenses apply and are charged at 50p per mile***

Puppy Training

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppy training home visits cater for all of your puppy’s needs. If you are thinking of getting a puppy or already have one, these sessions are designed to help your puppy settle into its new home. Sessions focus on teaching basic obedience and good manners and how to establish clear and effective communication together. The sessions will also cover how to deal with any problematic behaviour and teach you how to provide fun, enjoyable exercises and activities that provides your pup with the much needed daily mental stimulation and enrichment it requires. Coaching sessions can be arranged at this location or if required by travelling to you.

Option 1: The Taster- Home visit (1 ½ hours) plus a free gift. This is the perfect head start for your puppy’s training where the session is spent focusing on your own specific individual needs. £75.00

Option 2: The Taster Home Visit plus one follow up session (1 hour) to improve on your training foundation plus a free gift. £140.00

Option 3: The Ultimate Puppy Experience includes the Taster plus a further 2 sessions (1 hour each) which includes a socialisation session at this location with a well trained dog and a variety of farm animals. Cost £180.00

***Travel expenses apply for home visits and are charged at 50p per mile***

Behaviour Training Sessions

Behaviour training sessions can be arranged if you are experiencing difficulty with your dog’s behaviour. These can range from being reactive or aggressive towards other dogs and/or people, resource guarding, displaying fearful, phobic or anxious related behaviours, or suffering from excessive stress.
These sessions use an effective and humane approach focusing on helping your dog achieve normal mental health and well being again while strengthening the void in the owner/dog relationship. Sessions normally take place with a home visit or an assessment at this location, followed by advice, an introduction to any specific training and handling techniques that are required including ongoing support designed to help you solve or manage your dog’s undesirable behaviours.

Dog Training with client and Maxwell Muir

Option 1: The consult (2 hrs) plus telephone and coaching/support Total cost: £150.00

Option 2: The consult (2 hrs) and a further follow up session (1 1/2 hrs) plus telephone coaching/support Cost: £265.00 (total saving £35.00)

Option 3: The consult and a further 2 follow up sessions (1 1/2 hrs) including telephone coaching/support. Cost: £370.00 (total saving £80.00)

***Travel expenses apply and are charged at 50p per mile***

Telephone Consults

The benefits of booking a private telephone consultation includes answering any questions you might have before proceeding with any of the training or behaviour packages you may be thinking of that are on offer. The consult will help you to determine if you and your dog needs a training approach or whether you need help in the form of behaviour training. They are also ideal for obtaining general advice before getting a dog or a new puppy, or for highlighting any general ongoing concerns you might have as well as obtaining some further training advice. Although telephone consults do not replace actual personal coaching they can still be of great value.

£25.00 for a 45 minute consultation

Areas Covered

Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian, East Lothian. Glasgow and surrounding areas. Fife, Dundee and Aberdeen. All major cities and towns in Scotland and the UK.



What do our clients think?
  • We own a 3 1/2 year old male Staffie who is castrated and we also have a 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog who is not castrated. We have had both dogs since they were puppies. They both got on great together to begin with but recently the Staffie started very aggressive attacks on the Bulldog over what seemed to be nothing, or so I thought. The ‘fights’ intensified with each one leading to serious scars and puncture wounds. We just did not know what to do and in desperation we called Action 4 Dogs. Max came to our home and in just a couple of hours he totally changed everything. He explained patiently and in great detail exactly where we were going wrong and helped us to understand our dog’s needs, the fights have since stopped completely. Not only has Max helped us retrain our dogs but he has trained the whole family so to speak. Thank you Max! –James & Norma, Boston Pet Supplies, Penicuik – American Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • I asked Max for advice as I was having a difficult time with my German Shepherd, Jemma. I had been walking her on a short lead and she also wore a muzzle as she seemed aggressive towards other dogs. Walks were very stressful for us both. After a training session with Max my attitude has completely changed. Now Jemma is on a long lead and we have given up the muzzle, what a difference. We are both much more relaxed. She is responding well to her new training, when a dog comes near we use the sound and treat method as Max had shown me and it works well. I used to dread my walks with Jemma but now we look forward to going. We will be keeping this up. Thanks Max. –Joan Richardson, Musselburgh – German Shepherd

  • I was having trouble training and bonding with my 2yr old collie Scamp. I was looking for a trainer who uses kind and reward based methods and who is genuinely interested in your dog. This is exactly what I found with Max’s training methods. After a 1-2-1 session Max gave me lots of advice and help with getting Scamp to focus on me and respond to a recall using food based rewards (cheese being the favourite!). Scamp was really responsive to Max and you could tell he was having fun as well as learning. I wish I had contacted Max a year ago for help but even now I can see a difference in Scamp and I’m more aware of how I respond as well. Definitely recommended!’ –Julie Mayes, Biggar – Border Collie

  • Seraph, my white long haired German Shepherd is a nervous and highly strung young bitch who was not well socialised and was quite aggressive towards other dogs. Max suggested that we walk together with his own dogs so that they could help her to rediscover her dog language and communication skills and learn to interact better with other dogs. I have to say that after three or four sessions with the aforementioned well balanced team, her behaviour has improved markedly. Seraph and I look forward to more walks and interaction with Max and his pack. –John, Gorebridge – German Shepherd

  • Barak and I both greatly appreciated and benefited from your visits to see our puppy Sweeney. Your methods of training were well demonstrated by you and easy for us to put into practice. We both felt that throughout the consultations you were clear and concise, explaining to us how the mind of our dog works, detailing why certain methods will work and why some methods will not. Having that background information has helped us in other areas with Sweeney. We enjoyed your visits and the fact that you were so natural and caring, you obviously enjoy a sound relationship with dogs. –Barak & Michelle, Rosewell – Staffie-Cross

  • We have already seen a small improvement in Oscar. He still has his moments but they are definitely fewer. It is really quite encouraging for both Sandy and me, that even after only a few days, seeing these small improvements gives us all a bit of an incentive to keep persevering. Makes me wish I had done this much sooner. I can’t thank you enough for your time and advice and no doubt we’ll be in touch if any problems arise in the future.–Susan & Sandy Spalding, Edinburgh – Golden Retriever

  • Max has been a great help with my dog’s behaviour. I would highly recommend him to help and aid you to have a confident and problem free dog. –Carole Bootland, Penicuik – Black Labrador