Parenting and Raising your Perfect Puppy – By Max Muir


As many of you may have now realised, raising the perfect puppy is not so easy and we can often get a good deal more challenge than we first bargained for. Living with a dog brings about a new responsibility, and parenting a dog involves a good deal of understanding around the animal we have chosen to bring into our homes and our lives. All the information that is available to us through books and social media can be daunting ...

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Dog Training in Edinburgh with Max Muir

Clares Experience….

Training Dogs and Owners

by Max Muir

Training at both ends of the leash is the key to forging a great relationship with your dog. I wanted to adopt and develop a way that shows people that there is no need for confrontation and that things can be accomplished by working in harmony with your dog. This sense of purpose coupled with his hopes and ideals gave birth to Action 4 Dogs.

Training your dog or teaching your dog life skills takes ...

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Why Rewarding Behaviour Works

Positive Reinforcement

If your dog does something, and then gets something he enjoys directly after doing that thing, he is very likely to do it again. This is what is referred to as Positive Reinforcement. Using this system appropriately can come in very handy for teaching your dog what you’d like him to do. Unfortunately, the same system can work against us if we allow our dogs to do unwanted behaviours that give them enjoyment.

Behaviour Examples

Some examples of how this system ...

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