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Action 4 Dogs provides a variety of services in Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Borders. Founder Maxwell Muir has spent his entire life in the company of dogs. He has been guided by a deep desire to grow and improve his knowledge of dogs while creating a better world for them by employing a natural and humane approach using training methods that are both kind and respectful. Training at both ends of the leash is the key to forging a great relationship with your dog. Maxwell wanted to adopt and develop a way that shows people that there is no need for confrontation and that things can be accomplished by working in harmony with your dog. This sense of purpose coupled with his hopes and ideals gave birth to Action 4 Dogs.

What We Do

Action 4 Dogs are committed to continuous professional development. For those of you who wish to learn good basic handling skills in working and communicating with your dog the dog training classes are an ideal choice. Personal coaching sessions on a 1-2-1 client basis are an excellent choice in focusing on a particular aspect of your training. If you are experiencing problems with your dog’s behaviour then a consultation can be arranged to help you cope with and manage any problematic behaviours.

Action 4 Dogs are the proud hosts of some of the world’s leading names in dog training and behaviour. Seminars, lectures and workshops are an attraction throughout the year for those wishing to further their skills and understandings of canine behaviour.

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Client Testimonials Client Testimonials

It's hard to imagine a more gracious set of hosts than Max and Cecile with Action 4 Dogs. From the minute we touched down in Scotland they were a joy to work with, the seminar venue was fantastic and the attendees could not have been more enjoyable. What a wonderful experience!

- Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB, author and international speaker on dog training and behavior

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Maxwell Muir through Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland Scio for some time now. Max's methods are kind and non confrontational and I have been able to re-home Labradors after he has worked with them. On some occasions Max has actually saved the labrador's life.

- Carolyne Poulton, Co-ordinator Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland

The continued relationship we have with Max is something we hold with high regard, and his admirable skills and knowledge have been invaluable. Having Max as a 'champion' is of great worth to Citidogs and we fully endorse his methods and approach.

- Sandy Maxwell-Forbes & Sarah Mclean, Owners - Citidogs Creche Edinburgh